YOGA – for Tradies & Surfers

We offer evening hatha yoga sessions in Dunsborough, suitable for tradies and surfers! Open up tight hips and shoulders with gentle hatha yoga that is suitable for all levels.

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  • Suffering from tight hips/ shoulders/ lower back?
  • Mental stress?
  • Struggling to sleep?
  • Putting on weight?

Join us for a gentle hatha yoga session, with a focus on improving range of movement as well as increasing balance and strength – before injuries occur.
We utilize breathwork to calm down the busy mind and bring the nervous system back into balance.

All levels are welcome – always!

Please see our SCHEDULE below for the current timetable, or contact me for a private booking.

Phone:  +61 475 057 294

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We got back from our indo surf trip a couple of weeks ago – scored some awesome waves. Just a quick note of thanks for your yoga teachings and the audio recording you gave me. I practiced yoga, guided by your audio file every morning before a full day of surfing!
The movements kept me agile and helped work through the areas of stiffness.
I credit the yoga with coming through a two week surf trip uninjured. Paddle fitness and mobility seemed to get better throughout the trip!
Looking forward to the next class.

Travis Drysdale ~ Dunsborough, Western Australia

Mandy has the unique ability to read and change a persons energy and translate that into helping heal physical pain and manifestations in the body with her Body Work. The first time I went I was having back pain and stiffness and could feel straight away she knew intuitively what she was doing and alleviated the physical pain I had. That also helped with my energy and shifted a few deeper unseen things, and slept like a baby that night. Mandy’s humility coupled with her own good energy will take her a long way and would recommend anyone needing to let go of pain and trauma, to go and see her.

Alex 'Alfy' Cater ~ Dunsborough, Western Australia