Top 10 Tips to setting up your Home Yoga Space for your Online Yoga Practice ~

1- Choose a space that feels good energy wise, it needs to feel energetically positive, open and supportive.
A space that you can be 100% happy and comfortable in!

2- Choose a device with a nice big screen rather than a phone – so that you can see the teacher clearly. Choosing ‘speaker view’ setting will enable the speaker/ teacher to be largest on your screen (rather than your own image). You can get specific HDMI cables to link your laptop or phone to your TV screen – which is what I have done to see the image nice and big, crisp and clear!

3- Have a specific place that you will be putting your device each time -so that its easy for you to see and follow the session but also so the teacher can see YOU. Ask your teacher for some feedback until you find the right spot to place your device, so that you know you will be able to get as much assistance from them as possible during the session with your body alignment/ positioning etc. Make the most of the session if it is a LIVE class by leaving your video ON if you wish for feedback from the teacher.

4- Have all your necessary props on-hand such as yoga blocks, strap, plus a blanket and maybe an eye pillow for relaxation (contact me if you would like one I have a few for sale in various colors). Props such as yoga blocks can be purchased online rather affordably – drop me a line if you need the relevant links. I have a great contact for custom bolsters too!

5- Try have some air flow and natural light if possible, maybe a plant or special crystal or stone to bring in a connection to earth energy and calm.

6- Set the mood if you enjoy diffusing essential oils, use prefer to use natural candles or incense.

7- Remember to refrain from eating or drinking atleast 1.5 hours before your practice.

8- Log in to the session 5-10 minutes early to make sure you aren’t experiencing any technical issues and to settle into your space to start on-time.

9- Remove any unnecessary disturbances. Turn your device onto DO NOT DISTURB MODE (and maybe also pop a sign on your front door for any potential deliveries)

10- And lastly … Remember that any noise/distractions such as dogs barking, children shouting, neighbors mowing lawns, its ALL a part of the yoga practice, try release any sense of conflict or resistance and just allow a sense of acceptance for the way things are.

See you on the mat !

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