Welcome to Devahiti Bodywork & Energy Healing with Mandy Lancellas
~ Devahiti meaning ‘Natural or Divine Order’ in Sanskrit.

My passion in assisting people with healing themselves has taken me through learning energy healing and balancing techniques, as well as a gentle, non-invasive body release and re-alignment treatment.

The physical element of the treatment addresses the releasing of fascial tension, allowing the structural body to revert back into alignment and balance/ homeostasis. The weaving of the energy work into this assists in balancing the energetics of the mental and emotional systems, restoring the flow of energy through these various energy bodies and leaving the client feeling a sense of calm and grounding.

Devahiti Yoga and Bodywork has its roots in South Africa and is now proudly available in Western Australia and abroad.

We are also very proud to announce that Devahiti Bodywork is recognized by the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists as a standalone modality!

Please feel free to call me anytime with any questions, I would love to chat and hear your story!

Feel free to call me anytime for more information ~

Phone:  +61 475 057 294


All I can say is wow!!! Had a Devahiti treatment from Mandy which virtually instantly relieved 4 years of chronic lower back pain after having my 2 kids. I’ve tried many other forms of treatment with no lasting relief and so have developed a little scepticism regarding new modalities I haven’t heard about. I’m so stoked I met Mandy and was open minded enough to try this treatment. Her warm, down to earth nature makes you instantly relaxed, her Yoga sessions are very intentional with her understanding of the body very apparent, and her Devahiti treatment nothing short of amazing. It’s been a month since my treatment and the pain has not returned! I have also had very noticeable other benefits including more balanced hormones and improved sleep, so I’m a much happier human to be around! Love your work Mandy, you’re an angel
Nikki Mouat - Perth, Western Australia

Mandy is a unique individual who has dedicated herself to assisting people in need. Her healing energy is shared freely through her training in various healing modalities.

I was fortunate to experience a body balancing treatment from Mandy, which was both joyful and invigorating. Her gentle unassuming presence created the ideal space for me to release blockages and focus on lightness through my body.

As a result of this healing hour in Mandy's presence I was able to function better mentally and physically. My sleeping patterns improved, and a sense of joy has prevailed.

I highly recommend Mandy to anyone needing professional assistance with a calming gentle approach.

Jen famlonga Injidup, Western Australia

I met Mandy through her yoga classes. What drew me to her was her Hatha yoga. As a PTSD sufferer, I knew it was exactly what I needed. I felt so safe and comfortable during Mandy’s classes. Feeling safe and comfortable for someone with anxiety and PTSD is such a crucial thing in building trust with your practitioner. I have tried so many healing modalities, desperate to calm and heal my overactive nervous system. I honestly can’t put into words how incredible the session was. The bodywork/ sound bowl session was honestly amazing, I felt true joy and calm during and after.
Tiffany Boon, Western Australia