Welcome! Our current schedule is below, please also visit our YOGA page to see if the style and pace we offer resonates with you ~
* NOTE to click on each session in order to see the relevant venue, as we operate from various oceanside locations in Dunsborough!
Drop-ins are welcome for all three morning sessions, for evening sessions a BOOKING is required.
Drop-in price is $20 and discounted 10 pass packs can be purchased on request. We look forward to seeing you!

Yoga Dunsborough with Mandy | Devahiti Yoga South West
Yoga Dunsborough with Mandy | Devahiti Yoga South West


Now the view is spectacular!!! That would be a huge draw card ..... but it is Mandy herself that gets me back again and again. What a blessing it is to have in my week.... sunrise with Mandy creating a beautiful space to strengthen and center my body. She holds the energy expertly where our movements flow with our breath....she micromanages with no distracting chatter. This is a great class !!

Cate Edwards, Western Australia

My work as a GP sees me sedentary for a lot of the working week and I'm mindful of the benefits of yoga. I had done some yoga in the past but have never enjoyed it as much as I have in Mandy's classes. It's a perfect way to break up the week. Mandy is a great teacher proving the support and encouragement that sees me coming back week after week. Regardless of the size of the class, Mandy manages to keep on eye on everyone's technique, reducing the risk of injury. The Dunsborough Yacht Club is an ideal venue with glorious views of the bay. Give it a go, you won't be disappointed!

Mostyn Hamdorf, Western Australia

I met Mandy through her gentle yoga classes. As a PTSD sufferer, I knew it was exactly what I needed. I felt so safe and comfortable during Mandy’s classes I decided to book a bodywork and energy balancing session. Feeling safe and comfortable for someone with anxiety and PTSD is such a crucial thing. I have tried so many healing modalities, desperate to calm and heal my overactive nervous system. I honestly can’t put into words how incredible the session was. The bodywork/ sound bowl session was honestly amazing, I felt true joy and calm during and after.
Tiffany Boon, Western Australia