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Sound Bowl Massage Dunsborough

Sound Bowl Massage for Relaxation.

‘The Sound of the Singing Bowl touches our innermost soul and brings it into vibration. The sound breaks tensions, mobilizes self healing forces and sets free creative energies’
~ Peter Hess (Founder of the Peter Hess Institute and the Sound Bowl Massage)

These incredible sound bowl massage sessions assist with deep relaxation, which in turn reduces stress and enables healing on all levels. Sound and vibration is directed into the body by specifically chosen, therapeutic-quality sound bowls.
The bowls are placed over the body, on specific areas and in a certain method.

This experience will leave you feeling incredibly relaxed and grounded.
Sessions are approximately one hour and available from a beautiful treatment room in Dunsborough on Mondays from 12:30 – 6pm

Mobile sessions in the comfort of your own home are also available on request.

Phone:  +61 475 057 294

I’ve had two amazing sessions with Mandy and they were both incredible. I had some physical pain in my body beforehand and the sound bowl massage really helped. The amazing feeling of peace and inner happiness afterwards stayed with me throughout the day.
Thank you for this special experience!
A.Reimers, Perth ~ Western Australia

So many thanks to Mandy for a wonderful experience the bodywork and sound bowls made such a difference to the issue I was having with my hip and right knee - so much so that Im not having any problems at all now!

S.Jenkins ~ Dunsborough, Western Australia

I met Mandy through her yoga classes. What drew me to her was her Hatha yoga. As a PTSD sufferer, I knew it was exactly what I needed. I felt so safe and comfortable during Mandy’s classes. Feeling safe and comfortable for someone with anxiety and PTSD is such a crucial thing in building trust with your practitioner. I have tried so many healing modalities, desperate to calm and heal my overactive nervous system. I honestly can’t put into words how incredible the session was. The bodywork/ sound bowl session was honestly amazing, I felt true joy and calm during and after.
Tiffany Boon, Western Australia