YOGA – Sunrise Sessions

These sessions are curently on HOLD, please drop me a text if you would like to be notified when they return to the schedule.

Sunrise Yoga sessions with a gorgeous ocean view at the Dunsborough Bay Yacht Club!

Explore the multiple benefits of body, mind and soul with a 6:30 am gentle hatha yoga practice and feel calm and focused for your day ahead.

Some Reasons To Start Your Day With Yoga:

  • Sets a positive intention
  • You’ll be more calm and balanced for the day ahead
  • Improved body and breath awareness
  • Our stiff morning bodies benefit from some gentle movement
  • Fosters conscious, mindful movement
  • Boosts creative energy
  • You are far more likely to make more balanced, healthy eating choices throughout your day
  • Fires up the metabolism in a natural way
  • Sends a strong message of wellbeing to our subconscious mind

So, does practicing in the morning sound awesome or what!?

Please see our SCHEDULE below for the current timetable, or contact me for a private booking.

Phone:  +61 475 057 294



Now the view is spectacular!!! That would be a huge draw card ….. but it is Mandy herself that gets me back again and again. What a blessing it is to have in my week…. sunrise with Mandy creating a beautiful space to strengthen and center my body. She holds the energy expertly where our movements flow with our breath….she micromanages with no distracting chatter. This is a great class !!

Cate Edwards

My work as a GP sees me sedentary for a lot the working week and I’m mindful of the benefits of yoga. I had done some yoga in the past but have never enjoyed it as much as I have in Mandy’s classes. It’s a perfect way to break up the week. Mandy is a great teacher proving the support and encouragement that sees coming back week after week. Regardless of the size of the class, Mandy manages to keep on eye on everyone’s technique, reducing the risk of injury. The Dunsborough Yacht Club is an ideal venue with glorious views of the bay. Give it a go. You won’t be disappointed….

Mostyn Hamdorf